Alessandro Roasio

I rode with Rob Lawson, Markus Shopfer, a little bit with Emiliano Perez, and I worked for Dell Hendricks

I did: 2011 Americana ltd open Champion 2014 eurofuturity and italian derby finalist L1 L2 2014 austrian 4yo futurity Champion L1 and 3rd L2 2014 italian 4yo futurity L1 and L2 go round leader and finalist L3 and L4 ending reserve in L1 and got the top 10 in L2,3,4 2015 euroderby finalist L2L3 2015 italian int open res Champion 2016 italian derby L2L3 top ten 2016 italian int open Championship top ten 2017 italian derby L2L3 top ten 2017 italian championship open and int open top ten 2018 euroderby L1res champion And I am leading apcr regional championship to bè qualified for the italian open championship